Reduce Bed Sores And Bed Ulcers

Bed ulcers/bed sores afflict patients in hospitals throughout the world. Various means of reducing bedsores have been tried, from frequent turning to synthetic padding, but medical research has shown that one of the most effective means of reducing the occurrence of bedsores is the use of natural sheepskin padding.

Generally related to prolonged bed rest, bed ulcers/bed sores can start to form in as few as four hours. There are various causes: localized pressure on the skin; skin-shear and friction; and moisture on the skin surface, often from perspiration. Sheepskin padding addresses these problems.

Always known for comfort, sheepskin is particularly friction-free due to soft, natural fibers that are protected by natural oils. Sheepskin padding reduces pressure on the skin by redistributing weight over a larger surface area than do other materials. The high-density, springy wool fibers of sheepskin are the key to reducing the pressure that causes bed ulcers/bed sores.

Sheepskin padding also reduces moisture on the skin. The fibers can hold between 30 and 36 percent of the sheepskin’s weight in moisture, without feeling damp. With moisture drawn away from the skin and into the fibers, another cause of bed ulcers/bed sores is eliminated.

Sheepskin is durable, as well. Using High Temp grade sheepskin, the treated leather backing is resistant to urine and other fluids, and machine washable and dryable. Washing sheepskin padding or covers with a soap that includes lanolin-sheepskin’s natural oil-will keep it in good condition for years.