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Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Hypertension is one of the dreadful diseases of folks around the world. In fact, this illness is causing 4.5% of the prevalent diseases in the world according to the WHO. This is a call for us to know on how to lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure
High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure

The statistics is not a shocker due to the lifestyle of the people today. Since lifestyle is the major contributing factors of this disease, this aspect must be the first to be addressed.

Have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, eliminate vices such as smoking and drinking, these are just some of the advices by the physicians to prevent and even reduce blood pressure levels. In addition to that, enough time to sleep and relax is vital.

This endeavor is not only the fight for the hypertensive patients but also for their family members who are also at risk in acquiring this. Nevertheless, prevention is always better than cure.