Pomegranate Seed Oil health benefits

collagen-womanLike many of the other oils mentioned in this section, pomegranate seed oil is packed with tocopherols and phytosterols. However this oil, which additionally acts as an emollient, is uniquely enriched with both punicic acid and ellagic acid.

Collectively, these elements help boost the production of collagen. This effectively benefits the skin renewal process by enhancing elasticity, as well as supporting and restoring the outer layer of your skin. For this reason, pomegranate seed oil is extensively used in cosmetics products including, anti-ageing serums and moisturizing creams that help rejuvenate dry skin.

Breaking Down How Punicic Acid Benefits Your Skin:

Punicic acid is mixture of fatty acids that are known to provide a number of benefits to your skin. Firstly, it is exceedingly good at repelling the harmful effects of free radicalization, for example, aging and tissue damage on your skin.

When applied through pomegranate seed oil, punicic acid helps to promote and stimulate the production of particular kinds of skins cells, called keratinocyte.

Keratinocyte, which is associated with strengthening your skin, aids in the regeneration process and prevents premature aging. Punicic acid also slows down inflammation, one of the main reasons behind collagen degradation in aging skin.

Ellagic Acid – A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory:

Ellagic Acid has been credited with providing many benefi to the skin. This includes protecting it from cellular damage caused by ultraviolet rays and chemical exposure[6]. More notably though, various studies into ellagic acid’s therapeutic effects shows that together with tannic acid (another component of pomegranate), it [78]:

  • ¬†Reduces the breakdown of elastin – which prevents sagging;
  • ¬†Increases the creation of the elastic fibre, which helps form the connective tissue that holds your skin together.