Motherwort Health Benefits

herbs-greenNo one is more helpful in your life than your mother, right? This is also true with motherwort. Just by reading and looking at the word, the word mother in it says it all. This is an herb that provides plenty of medicinal uses taking a daily recommended dose of this herb will help relieve some of your health conditions. Here are some conditions that motherwort might be able to treat or alleviate their symptoms.

Heart Problems

Motherwort is sometimes referred by herbalists as a cardiotonic. In medical studies, it showed that injecting a substance with this herb prevented formation of blood clots. This will then enhance blood flow and reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

As it relaxes your blood vessels while it calms nerves, it is ideal for patients with hypertension.

And if you are suffering from heart palpitations, which are accompanied by thyroid disease and low blood sugar, then you might want to try the benefits of this herb in correcting such condition.

As it relaxes your cardiac muscle, it helps in regulating your heart rhythm, thereby, minimizing palpitations. Through its diuretic effects, it can effectively reduce water retention and lower blood pressure. Because of these, this herb is considered as an essential herb to have a healthy cardiovascular system. In fact, traditional medicine in China considered this herb as a premier plant that can strengthen your heart and promote longevity.

 Depression and anxiety

The alkaloid content of motherwort – lionurine and stachydrine – is useful in providing sedative effects on your central nervous system. This is one of the reasons that this herb has been used in treating depression and anxiety.

Its tranquilizing effects can also provide some relief for patients with trouble sleeping.

 Women-related health issues

This herb is especially useful for women as it alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause. This herb can help relax uterine cramping and relax the menses, thereby, preventing dysmenorrhea. This herb can also regulate menses and alleviate delayed periods.

Through its tonic effects, it can calm your mind and reduce irritability associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Menopausal women can further benefit from this plant as it can quiet down anxiety symptoms and alleviate hormonal shifts.

Because of its calming effects, it is given to women who just gave birth. It can be a very good herb in calming down the nerves of new mothers. It can diminish anxiety issues during the final four weeks of pregnancy. Although it can be used while pregnant, you must not take it during the first few months of pregnancy. This is because motherwort encourages miscarriage. However, if you take motherwort or a supplement that contains such herb after pregnancy, then it could lift your spirit and promote tranquility. Keep in mind that being a new mom can be a very challenging situation.

If you want to use it to treat your anxiety issues during pregnancy, then you should consult your physician. Most of the time, this is ideal only for patients with extreme anxiety issues while pregnant. You should also consider the risk posed by it. During labor, you may use this herb to ease the pain. However, you should take into consideration its effects on the heart rate of your unborn child.


Motherwort does not decrease thyroid function. Rather it provides balance to it and alleviates symptoms of hyperactive thyroid. These symptoms will include heart palpitations, sleeplessness and anxiety. It can suppress your appetite because of its bitter taste. When hyperthyroidism occurs during menopause, this herb can be a very useful tool in alleviating menopausal issues. But you need to use it in low doses.