Lowering High Blood Pressure Without Taking Medicines

Having a high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the diseases that affects almost 1 out of 3 people. So here are some tips on how to lower high blood pressure. First thing you have to do is change your lifestyle.

High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure
High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure

Stop smoking as soon as possible because the cigarette has nicotine which can build up in your blood vessels making them constrict. Alcohol drinking as well as taking drugs should also be stopped immediately, because these can damage your liver and your kidneys which regulates the fluid volume within your body.

If you are an obese, you have to lose extra weight so that your heart can decrease its cardiac load. Also, taking a 20-30 minute walk everyday also helps to decrease your blood pressure.

But the most important of all is that you always have to monitor your blood pressure so that you can maintain it if its in a normal condition or lower it if its getting too high.