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Infected Ingrown Hairs – Three Advice Notes

Infected Ingrown Hairs – Three Advice Notes:

Advice Note #1 Do not pick at the area if the hair is under the skin and has caused a pimple.

Disinfect the area with alcohol or toner. Then use a clean cloth which has cooled a little after being dipped in boiling water.

Repeat the process several times until the hair is brought to the surface of the skin. Then try to tweeze it out.

Advice Note #2 In chronic cases where the area around the ingrown hair has become infected and is swelling or filled with pus, it may be wiser to make an appointment to see an aesthetician. (Check your local yellow pages)

Advice Note #3 Do not squeeze infected ingrown hairs. This can make the infection worse.

Apply an anti-bacterial balm three times a day until the redness has gone down.

Use of an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) serum after this will dissolve skin cells that may have built-up in the infected area.