How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction Even When You Drink Everyday

alcoholShould I just reduce my alcohol intake or should I eliminate it completely? This is the question that bothers most alcoholics. Some argue that they have their alcoholic intake under control, and that they can do it on special occasions. For others, there is no other recourse than to completely detach themselves from alcohol consumption. However, the important question is this: cut back on drinking or stop drinking completely? The answer to this question actually depends on a number of important factors.

You may want to quit drinking altogether for a number of reasons.

– Uncontrolled drinking- While drinking can be a habit, it is usually harmless until you develop a full-blown addiction towards it. If your alcohol


consumption is out of control or you are regularly getting into trouble because of it, you may want to quit drinking altogether. This may sound like a radical solution, but for such cases it’s your only plausible way to save yourself.

– Health problems- Alcoholism is known to bring about various health problems. Among the health problems seen in people who abuse alcohol for a long time include damage in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and pancreas. It can also lead to neurological disorders. It can even lead to life-threatening conditions such as cancers. When people start to develop alcohol- related health problems, they will have to eliminate booze from their lives altogether.

If you manage to escape the red flags of alcoholism, you can theoretically still drink alcohol. Of course, you cannot drink alcohol with reckless abandon like you used to in the past. So what are the ways to recover from alcohol addiction without giving up your drinking habit? Here are some tips you’ll find useful.

– Eliminate temptations- Particular triggers can stimulate your cravings of alcohol. By eliminating these cravings, you pave the way towards breaking that habit. One effective way to do this is by removing things in your home and office that reminds you of alcohol. From drink storages to shot glasses, removing them on places where you stay cuts you off from the temptations present in your own backyard.

– Set your limits- Establishing your personal rules and following it is an important part of getting rid of the alcohol habit. You’ll be setting days and occasions when you can actually drink and how much you can actually consume during these situations. Beyond setting these limitations, you should also be firm and steadfast in following them. If you make your rules and break them too, they virtually amount to nothing.

– Avoid bad influences- Often times, we don’t abuse alcohol just because we want to abuse it. There are also external influences involved such as the presence of other people. If people don’t support your choice to reduce/quit your alcohol consumption, you might have to leave them behind. It might be an adjustment to go without these people, but it’s for your own good.

– Learn from the past- It’s possible that you have some bad experiences while drinking. It’s also possible that you had failed attempts at quitting drinking in the past. Make sure to use these lessons from the past to make this new start work. Make adjustments on your past mistakes and use your (alcohol-related) failures to keep you motivated.