Honey: health benefits

honey2Honey is the basis of many natural types of syrup prepared for medical purposes.

  •  Blood purifier, revitalizing and brain tonic: One tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast helps cleanse the bloodstream and start the day with renewed.
  •  Irritation and inflammation of the throat: Its cause’s astringent gargles with honey are an excellent remedy for these types of conditions.
  •  For bruises, cuts, bumps, sprains, sore nipples of nursing mothers: The honey bee with papaya pulp softens old and minimizes scarring.
  •  To eliminate stretch marks and cellulite: Take the pulp from seven mangos teens, they add two the Feijoas, a tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of bee pollen, royal jelly two grams of pure and, if desired, two five grams of chlorophyll extract is derived from spinach, cabbage or celery. Mix everything and liquefies, leaving the end royal jelly.
  •  To rejuvenate the skin, strengthen hair, reduce stress, order the sleep cycle and restore the functions of the endocrine system: Blend together three to four Feijoas, mixed with honey and a gram of pure royal jelly . You can add a teaspoon of bee pollen. Consume before breakfast for 30 days resting cycles for 15 days.

Muscle aches: Muscle aches are somewhat difficult to deal with, and every movement is intense suffering. To ease the pain of the sides of the trunk, is the serratus muscle is useful boiling a mixture of goat’s milk and honey and apply wet clothes on the affected area. This treatment must be at night before bed, to complement and better results are also advised to drink a cup of water and welt borage.

For acne: Prepare a mask with ten grams of papaya peel, ten grams of mango pulp and a tablespoon of honey. The ingredients are mixed and applied on the face for 20 minutes.

To soften the skin: Mix guava, mango, papaya and honey and leave it for 20 minutes.

To nourish and moisturize combination skin: an avocado is crushed and is added honey, leave it on the skin for 20 minutes.

Laxative and emollient: Eating plums with honey fasting.

For cough: Take a sour pomegranate juice is extracted, then added honey and placed in a bowl, stirring well to dissolve the honey. Heat a little and take. You can also open a coconut (keeping fibrous cap) and added honey and begins to fire. Is left until it forms syrup which is taken every two or three hours.

  •  For cough: Cut a peeled pineapple, only the heart and pulp, and boil with honey for five minutes. It is eaten warm.
  •  Expectorant: It takes a very clean small skillet (that has no fat) and begins to fire. It gets covered with slices of mango pulp to cover the bottom, add a tablespoon and a half of honey bees and begins to simmer. The resulting syrup is consumed immediately. When they do not release more mass remaining syrup is consumed hot.
  •  To regenerate cells: Take 3-5 fresh apricots, adding a spoonful of pollen and honey two. Eat two hours before breakfast for 15 days.
  •  Colds: Mix a glass of pre-cast watermelon juice with a tablespoon of honey, heated and taken three tablespoons every two hours between meals.
  •  Refreshing nourishing mask for normal skin and dry: Crush two or three strawberries with a dollop of cream and honey. Apply for fifteen minutes and clean the face with cotton wool soaked in milk.

To cleanse oily skin and pimples: Mix two ounces of cottage cheese with a tablespoon of honey. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with cotton wool soaked in milk.

Asthma: Take fasting parsley juice mixed with hot milk and honey.

Persistent cough, colds, flu, colds: Take an apple and remove the heart, into the heart place a teaspoon of honey. Place over low heat to cook until a syrup peel should be mixed with the juice of a lemon.

Hoarseness: lemon juice which adds onion juice (grate and juice seeps), with honey, is excellent in case of hoarseness and respiratory system problems.

For cough, hoarseness, laryngitis: Mix equal parts of honey and strained lemon juice heated and are taken every two hours. In adults a tablespoon, a teaspoon for children.

Discomfort of the throat, cough, chronic cough: Crush a ripe banana to form a dough, add to this mass the juice of a large lemon, an orange or a mandarin, and a tablespoon full of honey, and put to heat simmer for about five minutes. Consume immediately. Especially effective to do so before bedtime.

Rheumatism: Grind poppy seeds and mix with honey.

  •  Colds, coughs, bronchitis: Boil ten grams of fennel seed in a pint of milk or water, adding honey. Take several cups throughout the day.
  •  For parasites: Taking crushed lemon seeds and sweetened with honey.
  •  Digestive problems, hypertension, heart, nerves: Peel and prepare a paste with the pulp of apples, put on low heat with equal amount of honey until it forms a syrup to be eaten fresh .