weight-lossThe medicinal powers of herbs have been well documented over many centuries. However what is less known is that there are specific herbal treatments that can improve circulation, and rid the body of toxins. I’ve listed below several commonly used herbal treatments that are being used to eliminate cellulite.

Gotu Kola

This herb is very effective in treating cellulite, because of its stimulating effect on the body. What gotu kola does is cause the body to produce chemical messengers, which aid in the strengthening of collagen fibres within the body. The cause of this means increased blood circulation to the areas of skin affected by cellulite. This herb also has a secondary positive effect, this is the hardening of the walls in the vein.

The overall effect is a firming, tightening and toning effect around the skin. This herb is available in several different forms, this includes creams, injection and also in supplements.

The only common link between this herb and the over the counter products I mentioned earlier, is the forms it can be taken in.


Kelp is a type of large seaweed which grow in shallow oceans across the world. The benefits of kelp are well documented. Contained within kelp is a large amount of iodine. The properties of iodine within the body, is a speeding up of the metabolism. This relates to treating cellulite because it stimulates the body to increase the consumption of calories. This has the effect of burning up fat within the body. As cellulite is a fat, this treatment can have a beneficial effect.

Quite often kelp is applied to body wraps, which is a treatment I mentioned earlier in this guide.

Dandelion Leaves

I thought I would mention a treatment for those who do not wish to go down the massage treatment route. The properties of dandelion leaves have been known for centuries. This herb can be included as part of a healthy low calorie diet. You can either cook it, or serve it cold as a salad accompaniment. You can even consume dandelion in a tea form too.

The effect that the dandelion leaves have on the body are very positive. The leaves act as a stimulator for your kidneys to flush out all toxins and impurities from your body. This is a great herb to work in partnership with other natural cellulite treatments.

Horse Chestnut

Again the beneficial properties of horse chestnut have been well documented over many years. Horse chestnut contains a very interesting chemical called aescin. This chemical when introduced into body causes the capillary walls to tighten up. This means that blood is increased, and also reduces any leakage and swelling from occuring. With a smoothing effect on the skin. This also has the same smoothing effect on cellulite too.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose is a widely grown plant, that is mainly found in Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Through scientific research, it has been found that evening primrose contains a chemical called GLA. This GLA chemical is involved in the formation of prostagladins in the body. One of the roles of prostagladins in the body is regulate the pressure of the blood vessels. This is important when treating cellulite, as pressure controls blood flow. With increased blood flow circulation, this has shown to optimise the conditions for cellulite breakdown.

Evening Primrose is commonely found in an oil form, and should be applied directly to the cellulite affected skin, 3-4 times a day.