Guggul Health Benefits

herbs-greenGuggul is the source of Indian Bdellium, a gum exuded by the plant during harsh summer months. It is dull green or brown in color with a balsamic odour and a bitter aromatic taste.



Botanical Name : Commiphora wightii, Commiphora mukul, Balsamodendron roxburghii

Other Species : Commiphora myrrha

Family: Burseraceae

Appearance : A slow growing shrub with knotty, spiny branches. Leaflets 1-3 toothed. Flowers brownish red. Fruits red. The cut surface of plant secretes a gum, which is a lustrous, pale brown, semi solid mass.

Medicinal Parts : Oleoresin (Gum)

Distribution : The guggul plant may be found from northern Africa to central Asia, but is most common in northern India. It grows wild in rocky, arid areas of Gujrat, Karnataka, and Rajasthan in India.

Ailments and Cure

Skin Diseases. – Take 1/4 tsp guggul powder along with honey and lime juice on an empty stomach in the morning.