GREYING OF THE HAIR Ayurvedic treatment

Greying of the hair is generally considered a sign of old age. At times greying starts even at a young age. This is considered as a morbidity. According to ayurveda this is called Palitya.
Causative factors
According to ayurveda, excessive passion, anger and psychic strain result in greying of hair. Persons with the paittika type of constitution are prone to be affected by this ailment. Persons suffering from chronic cold and sinusitis and those who use warm water for washing their hair are more likely to be victims of this condition.
Bhrngaraja (Eclipta Alba) and amalaki (Emblica of¬ficinalis) are popularly used for the treatment of this condition. A medicated oil prepared by boiling these two drugs viz Maha-bhrngaraja taila is used externally for massaging the head. The powder of these two drugs is also used internally in a dose of one teaspoonful thrice daily with milk.
The oil prepared from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is used for inhalation twice a day for about a month . Along with this, the patient should be advised to take only milk in his diet.
Another drug popularly used for this condition is bhallataka (,Seme carpus anacardium). This has a slightly poisonous effect therefore it has to be processed carefully before use. Normally this is given to the patient in the form of linctus in a dose of one teaspoonful twice daily followed by milk.