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Foods to Avoid on a Detox Diet

  • diet-womanCoffee, alcohol, sugary juices and soda

Cutting out these categories can be a challenge for some people, which is why it makes sense to start early to reduce withdrawal pangs. All of these can contribute to toxin build-up in the body, so it’s important to focus on water, water and more water during your detox diet.

  • Processed foods

Just read the list of ingredients on your favorite snack-brand cookies and you’ll see why processed foods are out during a detox. With ingredients you can’t even pronounce, processed foods are hard on your system, so get rid of the chips, candy and anything else that is processed.

  • Wheat (gluten)

Gluten in wheat is a significant challenge for the digestive system and wreaks havoc on many people’s systems; more and more people report gluten allergies and sensitivities. Enjoy other grains that are easier on your body.

  • Dairy

Dairy products contain both allergens and hormones that can create mucus in the body and lead to a variety of other health issues. Avoid all dairy products during your detox, including yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese during your detox diet. You can try almond milk or hemp milk instead of regular milk. While eggs are not banned on this detox diet, they aren’t emphasized.

  • Sugar

Sugar is present in a surprising number of products, including ketchup, barbeque sauce, bread and many popular snacks. Sugar is also very toxic for the body, so you’ll be removing all sources of sugar, including white and brown sugar, honey, corn syrup and honey from your diet during the detox. You will still be able to enjoy natural sources of sugar in fresh fruit.

  • Saturated fats

Cut out the red meat and also avoid cold cuts, canned meat, sausage and pork during your detox. These meats are difficult for your system to break down and process and are high in unhealthy saturated fats.

  • Soybean products

Soybean is another common allergen, so avoid soy products, including soy sauce, soy milk and anything else that contains soybeans during your detox.

Review your list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, plus your sample three-day menu as you make your grocery list for your detox.