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Circulatory disorders of the lower extremities

Female foot
Female foot
Female foot

Cold legs, cramps, pain, trophic changes to the skin, predisposition to infection and frostbites – all these symptoms may have cause in insufficient blood circulation in the legs. What you can do to improve blood circulation?

Move regularly. Ideal is brisk walking.

Do not wear tight, pushing shoes.

Avoid socks with astringent rubber bands. Keep feet dry.

Take care of your feet and nails.

Wear daily new cotton or wool socks.

If you have any wounds or fungal disease on your feet, treat them carefully.

Regularly check your feet and the spaces between the toes.

Hot-and cold-water therapy can be effective.

Not cross your legs.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Take nutritional supplements to support blood flow to the extremities – pycnogenol, quercetine, cayenne, gingko biloba extract, vitamin E

Stop smoking !!