Cayenne – Cancer

Cayenne pepper has very high concentrations of Vitamin A and Carotenoids, which serve as antioxidants. These antioxidants create an internal environment that is not friendly to cancer. Who would have thought that this little spice could chase cancer away?

Tests have shown a reduction in pancreatic, lung, and prostate cancer in connection with the consumption of capsaicin, the key healing element in cayenne pepper. The capsaicin literally destroys cancer cells. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper also works to stop tumor growth and reduces the swelling in tumors.

The numerous healing properties of cayenne pepper also promote healthy function of the pancreas, to restore health after cancer. Cayenne pepper also repairs the cells lining the lungs, for a healthier lung environment that is uninviting to cancer and promotes freer breathing. Having survived cancer, I desire to maintain a cancer-free environment in my body, and avoid recurrence.

By taking cayenne in massive amounts – ten teaspoons per day – patients can completely dissolve cancer tumors. You can speed up the effect if you take up to sixteen daily teaspoons.

By adding a little spice to my life, I can keep the cancer away.