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Blood Pressure Monitoring Made Easy

Blood pressure measurement is an integral part of nursing or hospital service. It is described as the pressure of blood flowing through arterial walls. Its measurement is known by the amount of pressure the heart exerts in pumping blood.

High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure
High blood pressure. woman measures the pressure

How to calculate Blood Pressure (BP)? It is easy as ABC! Before obtaining the BP of the client, you must make sure that he/she did not engage in strenuous activities and have not eaten any food that may alter the result. Also, he/she must not smoke or drink alcohol before the BP assessment to avoid coming up with false high results. He/ She must be in a relaxed and comfortable position.

In most cases, clients are usually seated in a comfortable chair with arms in the table. Patients may also be put in a Semi-fowler’s position if they can’t tolerate sitting. Blood cuff must be attached on the elbow part appropriately. Inflate the bulb and slowly release the valve to know the Diastolic and Systolic pressure.