Best Teas for Sleep

sleepChamomile can be drank as a tea if you prefer before bedtime, and is very effective if drank at least an hour or two before you get into bed. It relieves anxiety and muscle tension and also helps your digestive system calm down. Chamomile is also known for naturally slowing down your nervous system, creating a more calm feeling throughout the body. This method can also be used for children and still be completely safe. In fact, if you combine chamomile with mint tea for sleep, this is one of the best combinations you can get.

The mint family offers several choices for sleep improvement, including pennyroyal which has been used for decades to assist with both relaxation and sleep quality. However, this is used solely in the form of a tea. Unfortunately,

the essential oil is not safe for consumption in its straight form, even though it is a member of the mint family.

interesting Fact:

Early colonists used pennyroyal tea as their drink of choice for sleep!

Cat mint, or catnip, tea, is excellent and a member of the mint family. It might make cats go crazy for a bit, but humans enjoy a higher quality of sleep after drinking it.

Valerian tea is another choice if you like the taste of it, over the capsule and oil options.