Benefits of aloe vera

In clinical studies of whole-leaf Aloe vera’s internal and external uses during the past six months, I have personally witnessed mitigations or complete resolutions of the following:

Abrasions Colds Herpes simplex & zoster Staph infections
Acne Colic Hypertension Stings
Actinic keratoses Constipation Infections Sunburns
AIDS Contusions Insect bites Tendinitis
Allergic reactions
(reversal of anaphalaxis)
Dandruff Menstrual cramps & irregularity Ulcerations
Allergies Denture (gum) sores Nausea Ulcerative colitis
Arthritis Dermatitis Parasites
(especially protozoan infections)
Boils Diabetes Peptic & duodenal ulcers Varicose veins
Bruises Edema Psoriasis Viral infections
Burns Epstein-Barr virus
(chronic fatigue syndrome)
Radiation dermatitis Warts
Bursitis Fungal infections Rashes Yeast infections
Candida Genital herpes Reflex esophagitis
Carbuncles Gingivitis Seborrhea
Chapped/cracked skin Hemorrhoids Sprains

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