Beautiful Eyes With Coconut Oil Eye Cream

coco-oilCoconut oil has many uses over the face. A natural eye cream made of virgin coconut meat extract or blended with other ingredients has several uses. The oil is directly applied over dark, puffy areas under the eyes. It removes bags and wrinkles and puffiness is reduced.

Coconut kernel extract blends naturally with the skin. It is easily applied during the daytime. At nighttime, the oil is applied over the eyelids for nourishment. Mild irritation is avoided during sleep.

Eye drops are replaced with coconut oil. It prevents dry eyes when applied to corner of the eyes.

A natural eye cream is created with the help of coconut oil and vitamin E. Capsules are used for the purpose.

A small container is needed to blend one or two capsules in small quantity of coconut oil. The extract is heated until it melts and blends with Vitamin E. The eye cream created is used liberally to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging.