Everyone has different skin types from each other and this means that we all require different treatments for our skin.

Age and skin needs also affect how we need to treat the skin. All members of the family from grandparents to babies use various products for the skin to maintain the skin’s health, looks and feel. At the same time as treating the skin, all family members can enjoy skin products that work to ease tired muscles and eyes, alleviate stress and re-energize the body.

Aromatherapy does not need to be in lotions alone however. Aromatherapy can make use of essential oils mixed with a base substance or with other oils in a variety of products. Bath products, shower products, household products, baby products and laundry products are a few of the many ways aromatherapy can be added to one life. Some of the ingredients that are commonly used as aromatherapy include these essential oils:

* Lavender

* Chamomile

* Cedar Wood

* Eucalyptus

* Basil

* Thyme

* Rosemary

* Teas

* Rose Hips

* Lemon Seed

* Sunflower Seed

* Ylang Ylang

There are many others that can be and are used for creating a sense of well-being. Aromatherapy has shown many amazing benefits in the many areas it can be used. Of the essential oils listed above, Lavender and Chamomile are the most commonly used for scenting skin care products. These two oils provide relaxation, while use of a citrus oil can energize the body. Some people have allergies or sensitive skin that reacts adversely with some essential oils, but many more are able to take advantage of the benefits aromatherapy provides.

Skin Care is Not the Only Way

Many different illnesses have been treated through the years by aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapy has been used on cancer patients and on other serious diseases effectively. The aromatherapy helps the ill with anxiety, depression, relaxation, rest, calming, sleep, conditioning of the skin and even with managing pain.

Some products already contained in one’s home may already have the essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. Look at products used in the bath or shower, your baby’s care products, products for laundry, candles, air diffusers or fresheners, perfumes, oil burners, drawer scented sheets, lotions, massage oils and several more. Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular for its scents and its healing powers. It may be surprising just how many products that you own actually contain aromatherapy qualities.

Aromatherapy products make great gifts for all those you know, especially skin and bath products. For those who travel frequently, would enjoy gifts such as travel pillows or face masks for tired and weary travellers to easily breathe and help with relaxation and sleep.

Allergy Reminder

If you are allergic or sensitive to perfumes or with your skin, you may need to be careful with the essential oils used with aromatherapy in scented products or in body care products. There are many different sources that provide the oils for aromatherapy, so you may be fine with some but bothered by others. Consider what you have allergies or sensitivities to and obviously avoid those or some that are similar to it. Consulting with a doctor may resolve some confusion or questions regarding the use of particular essential oils for aromatherapy. Reactions can be mild or in some cases, severe. If you or others in your family do not have sensitivities or allergies, then feel free to choose your favorites or mix and match to get the scent and feeling you are looking for.