Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

apple-ciderRecent studies show that apple cider vinegar is very helpful in losing weight. A lot of experts say that there’s no scientific proof found for this claim but many women have already tried adding apple cider vinegar to their diet and testified that it’s really effective.

However, due to its popularity, doctors began to conduct series of studies that revealed and proved the weight-losing power of apple cider vinegar.

In 2005, a European Journal hosted a survey and made an experiment to see if apple cider is really helpful in losing weight. A group of people were divided into two. For three consecutive nights, group one drank a glass of water with a mixture of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar while group two simply drank plain water. Group one said that they felt full a few minutes after drinking the apple cider vinegar solution. They said that they nolonger felt the craving that they just have earlier before they drank the diluted apple cider vinegar.

According to other studies, Apple Cider Vinegar helps the body in burning more fats. The vinegar contains a component that suppresses the cholesterol in the body and excretes it through feces and urine.

Suggested Recipe of Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp. of apple juice (naturally made), 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of vanilla liquid, cinnamon sprinkle and 3 cubes of ice.

In 2009, another study was conducted. The Asian university scholars studied the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for weight loss on a group of people. These people added apple cider vinegar in their diet for 12 weeks. After twelve weeks, they experienced loss of abdominal fat, weight and waist circumference. They have also experienced declines in triglycerides, which contributes to the bad cholesterol that we won’t want to have.

Just mix all of the contents in a glass. You can also make an apple cider vinegar drink and bring it to work or school. It’s nice to drink every after meal and snack. The suggested recipe added cubes of water but you can also drink the apple cider vinegar with hot water.

Experts recommend the type of apple cider vinegar that is the raw and unpasteurized. This is because it contains all the natural and healthy contents of the vinegar. The apple cider vinegar that looks plain and clear has already been processed so the natural components of the vinegar were already released. They have also been mixed with chemicals which can be harmful to health instead. There are lots of brands of apple cider vinegar in the market but Bragg’s is very highly recommended.