Anti-Carcinogenic Benefits of Green Teas

Wow, there is so much to say about Green Tea it is hard to know where to begin.

While many of us turn to a cup of tea for warm soothing moments, Westerners have utilized tea leaves as a powerful carcinogen. It has been proven that Green Tea has strong antioxidants that are anti-cancerous. This may explain why studies performed in China found that cancer is lower in consistent tea drinkers than in non-tea drinkers and many clinical trials explain that Green Tea can inhibit the formation of cancer-causing substances.

The Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine tested some 145 different versions of teas to see which type was more effective in blocking nitrosamines in the human body. It was found that three to five grams of green tea completely blocked the synthesis of nitrosomes.

Green tea has the predominant polyphenols EGCG, EGC, ECG, and EC which have antioxidant activity along with theaflavins and thearubigins, which are also polypenols, in black teas.

Another way tea may help fight cancer is by preventing cell mutation. The anti-oxidation action of the polyphenols in green tea, inhibit mutation of the DNAin healthy cells.


Rats injected with cancer-causing substances, then fed Green Tea, never showed any development of cancer.

Antioxidants made from Green Tea, then applied to rats with skin cancer, inhibited any further growth of cancerous cells.

Containing tannins, fluoride, selenium, zinc, flavonols, polyphenols, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, the tea also has an alkaline effect within the body. This alkaline effect makes it useful in many treatments to deflect the acid-forming reactions in the body.

Green Tea being the most potent, provides the richest health benefits of all teas, and keeps more vitamins and minerals than other teas. All the components work together as a powerful antioxidant, helping the body ward off carcinogenic mutations.

With more than fifteen years of scientific experiments in the Western world, scientists have proven that Green Tea can both prevent and reduce the incidence of stomach and skin cancers.

Green Tea is believed to be a great source of natural chemicals like proteins, sugars, vitamins and natural antioxidants. Studies show it is a great cancer preventative and can help fight existing cancer as well. In existing cancer studies it is indicated Green Tea can reduce the spread of certain cancers.