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Acupressure – Low Blood pressure

The ancient holistic art of healing through acupressure is over 5000 years old, and was first practiced in Asia. It has been used to heal the causes and stop the symptoms of some forms of hypotension. The human body has numerous pressure points, which have been mapped out by ancient practitioners. By massaging and applying gentle force to these specific areas the healing result is achieved. It is not to be confused with acupuncture, which is a similar practice using the pressure points, only acupuncture includes actually stimulating the points with very long and thin needles.

The hypotension acupressure procedures cause the ‘opening

up’ of the arteries and veins, which result in an improvement of vitality and health. The acupressure methods are used in treating the causes of qi, yin or yang energy deficiencies. Each of the three ‘forces’ have been described as having their own set of hypotension symptoms.

Some of the yang deficiency symptoms of low blood pressure are having a pale or white coated tongue, inability to feel warm, cold limbs and slow, weakened pulse rate. Symptoms of qi deficiency are signs of dizziness, diarrhea, sweating, and also a pale tongue. Lastly, yin deficiency, recognized by its relation to heat, results in a rapid heartbeat, red tongue with no coating, and hot hands, feet and chest.

Acupressure can be self-taught, as there is quite a bit of literature and drawings that describe each pressure point and what the effects are when therapy is applied. Of course there is always a reason for caution when learning to do things for the first time, so be wary of treating yourself incorrectly. If you can arrange to have a learned acupressure practitioner work on you then you can better understand the process.

There are many other uses for acupressure that you can appreciate: neck and backaches, tension headaches, sore muscles and even nausea and night sweats. It’s not always easy or affordable to get this kind of therapy. If you are motivated to learn acupressure then you can practice on yourself and your loved ones and feel better and healthier all the time.

Yoga: It is believed that some of the poses or exercises used during yoga are beneficial for solving hypotension problems. Breathing exercises and positions can help with blood circulation and gastric problems. Yoga positions are not recommended for everyone, and have to be done properly to gain the benefits.

It’s best to ask a yoga instructor for advice, as well as your physician before you begin your own yoga routine.