5 Essential tips for Creating your own amazing juice recipes

juice-recipeDiscover the essential recipe formula for creating your very own juice recipes.

When you to start this amazing new diet I recommend the following simple formula so you can get the best out of your juicing diet.

  • You should concentrate on juicing Vegetables all of the recipes contained in my book show you what to do. However to get amazing taste you can add Ginger root, lemon, celery and parsley for added flavor. Mainly focus on vegetables, but do include some fruit. I find that an apple, pear or ginger root make a huge difference in the flavor to.
  • Include l or 2 root vegetables-such as carrots or beetroots (Beets) to add some additional flavor and provide you with antioxidants. I like to include either 2-3 large carrots or 2 small beets (l large). These tend to contribute a bit more natural sugar and a nice earthy flavor, adding a complexity to your healthy juice.
  • Add at least one leafy green vegetable. I’ve been happy with kale, broccoli and romaine lettuce, but many others work to.
  • Include one watery vegetable. Like a cucumber or celery, my favorite, and other watery vegetables. These help to dilute the strong flavors of the previous 3 ingredients. This can make a big difference in drinkability, while adding some nice flavor and additional vitamins. Remember you can also add filtered water to your juice.
  • Finally don’t forget to add a garnish to your juice. A small amount of ginger, lemon, mint, cayenne pepper or other herb can make your juice a real pleasure to drink while adding highly concentrated antioxidants.