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Spring clean your body

If you, like millions of others, started the New Year with a firm resolve to detoxify your body – only to give up at the first sniff of a hot chocolate on a dark, cold February night – then take comfort in the fact that spring and summer are the perfect seasons for detoxification.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the nutritious food that appears in your health store during this season. Fresh fruit and vegetables, especially berries and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli,
cauliflower and watercress) are all rich sources of nutrients and phytochemicals that enhance the detoxification process.
Additional vitamin C and bioflavonoids can be obtained from food supplements.
Eat plenty of whole grains, such as brown rice, oats and quinoa. They’ll provide your body with slow-release carbohydrates for energy, as well as B vitamins, minerals and fibre.
Make the most of the light evenings by going for a walk or taking part in some sporting activity. Exercise is good for you in so many ways and it’s important for promoting
Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. While you’ll want to limit alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages, you should drink plenty of herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices
and bottled water.
Ask in your health food store for additional supplements that can be used to support detoxification.
A few weeks of lighter eating to usher in the change of season will leave you feeling clean and energised and ready for summer.


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